26 January 1993


Reg Barrington


8ft 6ins

Sail Insignia:

Two horizontal bars


Blue with two horizontal white lines

Tangalooma Crew 2019:
Left to right. Neville Turbit (Skipper), Chris Norris, John Lewis (Skipper), Con Hagis, Greg Houseman, Ed Gordon, Julie Auger, Pascale Gelugne

Skipper: Neville Turbit

Past Skippers

John Lewis
Peter Notley
Dick Notley
Ian Cook
Peter Legrove
Robert Tearne

Tangalooma Crew 1994

Tangalooma 1994 Crew. Milson Park 1994

Port side: Keith Tutt, Ern Holder, Steve Omm

Seated: Garry Holder , John Notley

Starboard Side: Ron Johnston , Len Heffernan (Skipper), Reg Barrington (Builder)

Built from the original plan by Reg Barrington and Len Heffernan in the former’s lounge room. To get it out Reg had to knock out not only a wall, but also ultimately some of the lentle, the bricks above the eaves, plus a few roof tiles.

The Restoration of Tangalooma – 2019

During the off season of 2019 we undertook a major restoration project on Tangalooma. You can read the full week by week reports and see pictures of the work.