Many people turn up to try 18-footer sailing with little or no sailing experience. These people should be encouraged to learn to sail with SFS, not turned away. To date they have had to pick up information by asking questions, or “learning on the job”. Even a season into sailing, I have still had people say “I never understood that until today.” That may have been anything from reading telltales to tying a cleat.

To help people just starting to sail, or even just starting to sail 18 footers, we have produced a manual covering the background, sailing and rigging of 18-footers. We have written it around Tangalooma hence the name – Rigging Tangles.

There are two points worth noting before you read the book.

Firstly, it covers lots of areas from the history, to the rules, to clothing and facilities. Not everyone will want to read every section. For example, if you are an experienced sailor on yachts, there is no need to read about the theory of sailing or the rules.

Secondly, it is not absolutely technically accurate. In the interest of communicating a concept, we have simplified some parts to make it easier to understand.
Some parts that we cover in a page might really take ten or twenty pages to provide a full explanation. The target for this book is people who want to get a quick general understanding without becoming experts.

This is a first version of the document and we would appreciate feedback. Any areas that are not clear, or where information is missing can be added in an updated version. Please let us know by sending and email to