mistakeThe Mistake

Skipper: Terry Stewart

Sail Insignia
 “2+2=5” (same as the original)

Robert Tearne

White with insignia (each jumper has a different spelling mistake)

The skiff’s name is said to have derived from the fact that the two sides of the original were built by different boat carpenters to slightly different shapes.

In 1934. due to its “non-complying” 6ft beam, The Mistake was not permitted to sail with the SFS and together with several other owners, spearheaded the establishment  of the 18 footers League at Double Bay.  All reminiscent of the very similar cause for the establishment of the Sydney Flying Squadron in 1891!  With a twist – in 1946 when 6ft beamers from Queensland were rejected by the League, they were accepted by the SFS who hosted the Australian Title series!

These past differences were reconciled when in October 2005, the Commodores of the two clubs organized a race with The Mistake winning the Club Championship, showing that it was no mistake!

The skiff is dedicated to Bob Cuneo the original skipper (whose model was used for the replica), and to his forehand Stan Higgins, Sam Monkhouse and his son Cliff.  Anne Higgins (wife of Stan) and Grace Monkhouse (wife of Cliff) christened the boat in 2005.

Dedication text on boat: “ To Bob Cuneo, Sam & Cliff Monkhouse and Stan Higgins”