Tangalooma Restoration Project Progress – 21 September 2019

A week away from being back in the water, and finishing touches are being applied. This week Robert sprayed the hull after precision wet sanding by Team Francaise – Julie and Pascal – supported by Ed. As you can see from the photographs it is a mirror finish.

Other work included replacing several of the struts that support the deck, and varnishing the new centreboard case, tabernacle and thwarts.

Given the new grass that has been layed, we spent some time on the trailer. Other boats might also need to do some work as those driving ploughs might cause the council to get a tad upset.

It is all the small jobs at the end that take up the time however we do have a list of those small jobs to do this week so the boat will not be gathering dust. If anyone from another boat is working next Saturday, we might recruit you to help with the refloating of Tangles. Hopefully the fence outside the boatshed will be gone otherwise we may have to do some temporary dismantling to get the boat back in the boatshed.

I will be away in Adelaide for about 10 days so if anyone can help, contact John Lewis who will be coordinating the effort.

Thanks again to Pascal for pictures.

The inside of the boats with varnish still going on. Decks will be varnished when we drop the boat down.


The paint was so dense inside the shed, it kept setting off the fire alarms.

Julie sanding every little blemish out of the hull

... and after