Top Weight

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topweightTop Weight

Skipper: David Swales

Sail Insignia
the number “1”

Robert Tearne

White or black with opposite colour “1”

Competition: Red and white stripes with “1”

Original design and built by Norman Wright Snr, shipbuilder at Quay Street, Bulimba, Brisbane River, Qld.  The plans were sourced from the boatbuilder via his brass plaque on the tuck of the original boat which was beyond restoration having been converted to a motor launch and neglected for many years. \

The replica, commissioned by Grant Taylor, was constructed alongside Australia in a container adjacent to the Sydney Fish Markets.  Mouldings for authentic brass fittings were instigated by Grant through a Melbourne foundry from the original line drawings and these mouldings have been used on subsequent replicas.

A former owner of “Top Weight” was Freddy Empson, a bookmaker and we all know the favorite horse carries the top weight!

Daphne Russell, widow of the original skipper “Bish” Bolton, launched the replica and has once again become an avid supporter of “Top Weight” and the SFS.  “Bish” was named so because when born his bald head made him look like the bishop!

Dedication text on boat:  “To Bish Bolton”