Tangalooma Restoration Project Progress – 8 September 2019

Getting close. By Saturday we had put four coats of varnish on the hull and two coats inside. The final coat on the outside was performed by Team France – Julie and Pascal. Our aim is to do four coats both inside and out.

There is still some work required on the inside to finish off the fin case and thwarts then more varnish. The deck has to be sanded and varnished before we return to the boatshed. Robert is also making up some stainless fittings for the rudder gudgeon and bowsprit wires. I am sure we will find a few other things to do before we go back in the water.

Amongst other jobs is making sure the trailer gets some maintenance. For those who have not seen it, the whole of the park has been re-turfed and the last thing they need is a plough. Should be some interesting times come October 12 with some of the trailers.

We had planned to go back in the water next Saturday but after talking with Robert and John, we decided to leave the boat for another week or two and finish off more work in Pattons. More varnish on the hull, and finish the deck and thwarts.

Julie looking for dust

Con wore his best shoes but some innovative thinking kept them paint free

The hull after four coats

Rob providing a few tips for Julie

The boat suspended from the roof