Tangalooma Restoration Project Progress – 4 August 2019

Detail work continued and all the inserts in the outside of the hull are now complete. Sanding is finished on the outside of the hull however we still have to fibreglass the keel when the fin case is bolted in.

Inside the hull, we finished sanding the stringers around the centreboard case. Robert has built the case and done a test fitting. It needs to be fibreglassed before it can be finally screwed and epoxy glued into the boat.

Some of the ribs have been removed, and sanding is happening on these before they are refitted. As the ribs are bolted into the boat, they will need to be bolted through the keel before the fibreglass. Some scrapping is still needed on the stringers but we are close to finishing the inside.

View aft from under the boat

The complete fin case

Test fitting one side of the fin case

Final patch on the outside of the hull