Tangalooma Restoration Project Progress – 11 August 2019

Thanks to Con for this week report.

This week we glued the new keel on. Next job on the keel is to clean up and glass over. We also half glued three laminates on the forward rib. Next is to glue and screw another three laminates. The main rib is completed other than clean up. The fin case is mostly made up and fibreglassed. The next job on that is to install. After that there is a reinforcing on the gunwales. One has already cracked and  the other may follow without strengthening. There is also the cleaning up under the gunwales and in the inside of the bow.

New rib aft of the fin case

Rib clamped and glued

Reinforcing the keel

New rib and gusset

Another view of the rib and gusset

Con busy gluening a rib