Tangalooma Restoration Project – 29 June 2019

Work continues with teams working on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Robert Tearne started detail sanding around the stringers and we are about halfway through sanding the inside of the boat. Much of the remaining work is partially stripped and just needs the detail work completed.

Coral hand sanded the decking last week so that is complete and ready for some patching. Some of the filler will need to be replaced and there are a few wrinkles and dents befitting a 25-year-old lady. We are now up to three heat guns so if you are feeling the cold, come down and warm up.

Pasquale has been busy chasing up a varnish supplier, and hopefully, we will be able to get a significant discount on our preferred varnish. We will know more next week when a representative from the company comes down to the club to learn about our boats and look at progress on Tangles. Thanks, Pasquale.

Our restoration fund is moving towards the halfway mark of our target amount. We are very grateful to those people who have contributed so far. Remember, the donations are tax-deductible.

I am not in Sydney this week but back on deck by mid next week. Con is handling the roster so we will set the days we are working on the boat in the following week. It is hard to pick any individual for putting in a bigger effort than another but Greg seems to have made just about every session or at least two a week. Thanks, Greg.