Tangalooma Restoration Project Progress – 21 July 2019

A week of hull patching. Con and Robert and later Robert and I did the patching on the outside of the hull. It involves routing out the damaged section leaving part of the timber strip to be replaced. Robert then makes up a piece of ceder an exact shape but it sits about 5mm higher. The timber is stuck into position using epoxy glue then held temporarily in place with staples. Once the glue is dry, the area around the staples is chiselled out and the staple removed. The timber is planed down to one or two milimeters above the existing timber then sanded flush. It is time consuming but is a great repair.

One side of the boat is finished and I sanded it with a fine paper yesterday ready for epoxy painting. Rob is glueing in the other side today and tomorrow (Monday) we will remove the staples and sand.

Another job while the boat is upside down is to remove the fibreglass over the keel. Robert wants to add a strengthening piece to the keel and fibreglass again. There is some more filling to be done before we start painting with epoxy. Hopefully we will get to that later in the week.

In terms of manpower, or womanpower, we may need some assistance late in the week or next Saturday. Con is out for the next two weeks and John will not be back until around the 30th of the month. If anyone is available Thursday, Friday, Saturday this week let me know and I will see if we need more than just Robert and I.