Riley Boat Bits

I was looking for some bits to repair Tangalooma and Whitworths could not help. After an age of web searches I came across Riley. It rang a few bells from way back as being an Australian manufacturer of sailing hardware for small boats. I always remember them as high quality at reasonable prices. They had exactly what I wanted and I visited their factory to pick up some bits. Whitworths don’t stock them. They are almost totally a Ronstan hardware shop.

I had a chat with Lorraine and she told me that her father started the business but since he passed away, the business was run by his seven children. Evidently there is not the drive to continue and grow so they are letting it run down. They have a few million dollars of stock to clear so will probably operate for at least another year. They sell either from the factory or can mail bits to you.

If anyone is looking for bits such as blocks, rigging equipment or any other hardware, check them out online. Their quality is first class and much of the stock is priced to clear. They have an online catalogue but there are lots of other bits available. They have a roof full of mast and spar sections for example.

Contact details are below.

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(02) 9546 3406