Race 26 (final) of the 2015-16 Season and Heat 6 of the Autumn Point Score.   A brilliant autumn day with clear skies and a light breeze from the E/SE.   9 skiffs were on hand, all carrying big rigs and out on the water early for the final race of the 2015-16 season for a handicap start off Kurraba Point on the no.2 Easterly course.

Britannia, Tangalooma and Top Weight were first away, followed by Scot, Alruth, The Mistake, Myra Too, Yendys and Aberdare.   The breeze was light and variable and shifting around during the early stages of the beat up to Shark Island, with the Scot managing the conditions best to lead around Shark Island for the run back to Kirribilli, closely followed by Britannia, then Top Weight, Tangalooma, The Mistake, Alruth, Myra Too, Yendys and Aberdare. 

It was a long slow run against the tide back to Kirribilli, with Scot maintaining her lead over Britannia and Top Weight, while the back markers made up some time on the lead group.   Scot was first to round the Kirribilli mark for the beat up to Clark Island and sailed up the right side of the beat as did Top Weight, while Britannia sailed the left side.    Scot was first to round Clark Island for the tight lead to Shark Island with Britannia still a close 2nd, then Top Weight in 3rd, followed by The Mistake, Yendys, Tangalooma, Aberdare, Myra Too and Alruth.  

Scot continued to show the way and was first around Shark Island for the long run back to the finish with Britannia still in contention, then Top Weight and a gap back to the next group of Yendys, The Mistake, Aberdare, then Tangalooma, Myra Too and Alruth.   7 skiffs set ringtails for the final run (possibly a first in recent times), a great sight and no doubt allowed Britannia to keep the pressure on Scot (no ringtail).        

After leading at every mark, Scot held on for their first and much deserved win of the season from Britannia a close 2nd, then Top Weight, Yendys, Aberdare, The Mistake, Myra Too, Tangalooma and Alruth.  Well done Team Scot, they have had a difficult season, nice to see their efforts rewarded with a win.   Alruth emerged as the winner of the Season Point Score – well done Team Tickner.  Aberdare is the winner of the Autumn Point Score.

 With thanks to our on-water support team of Dave, Louise, Judith, Murray, Barley, Ian, Malcolm, Chuck, Mandy, Peter, Adrienne and the rest of our tireless volunteers on the support craft, along with the dedicated team at Rosman Ferries.  We look forward to seeing you down at the Squaddie, next season.      

 Presentation Night is Saturday 7th May.

 Results for 9th April 2016. 

Race 26    09-Apr-16

Hcp Start

#2 Course




Skiff Skipper Race Hcap Start
Scot R. Tearne 0:14 14:16:00 16:11:50 1:55:50 1:41:50 12
 Britannia I. Smith  0:15 14:15:00 16:12:24  1:57:24 1:42:24 14
Top Weight D. Swales 0:15 14:15:00 16:14:54  1:59:54 1:44:54 15
Yendys  R. Killick  0:02 14:28:00 16:18:10 1:50:10 1:48:10 2
Aberdare D. McKay 0:00  14:30:00 16:19:07 1:49:07  1:49:07 0
The Mistake

T. Stewart

 0.11  14:19:00 16:19:47 2:00:47 1:49:47 11
Myra Too P. Barnett 0:08 14:22:00  16:22:38 2:00:38 1:52:38 8
Tangalooma P. Legrove  0:15 14:15:00 16:22:50 2:07:50  1:52:50 15
Alruth  J. Tickner  0:13  14:17:00 16:27:01  2:10:01 1:57:01 13
Australia 0:06 DNC 6
Australia IV 0:00 DNC 0


Final Points for the season

Skiff Season Point Score  Autumn Point Score
 Aberdare  75  25
 Alruth   86  24
 Australia  0 0
 Australia IV  0 0
 Britannia  67  23
 Myra Too  4  2
 Scot  44  12
 Tangalooma  67  14
 The Mistake  69  13
 Top Weight  70 17
 Yendys  50  17
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