Race 4 of the 2017-18 Season and Heat Four of the Spring Point Score.  Seven fully crewed skiffs on hand to contest this race with the makings of a good NE breeze, the first of the season.   Most skiffs rigged with their no.2 mainsails some carried a no.2 jib, others a no.3 jib.

The race got underway from a handicap start off Double Bay on the no.1 NE Course, with Britannia first away off 13 mins, then Tangalooma, Scot, The Mistake, Myra Too and Australia together off 6 mins, then Yendys off scratch.   The breeze initially looked steady but as the skiffs progressed down harbour to the Beashel Buoy, the breeze became unsettled with the western and eastern shores appearing to exert their respective influence; some skiffs went left others right.

The left (western) side turned out the be more favourable with Tangalooma zooming in at the end of the long beat to be first around the Beashel Buoy followed by Britannia, Scot, The Mistake, Myra Too, Yendys (having made up considerable time) and Australia.

When spinnakers were set the skiffs made good time on the run down to the gybe mark at Shark Island, with Tangalooma rounding ahead of Britannia, The Mistake, Scot, Myra Too, then Yendys and Australia.   Tangalooma continued to lead at the end of the downwind legs at the Clark Island mark for the beat up to Chowder Bay, with The Mistake having moved into 2nd place then Britannia, Myra Too, Scot, Yendys and Australia.

The beat up to Chowder provided a great contest as Tangalooma held off the challenge from The Mistake and Myra Too, and then managed the fluky conditions much better on the approach to the Chowder Bay mark to round first for the run to Shark Island.   The Mistake rounded in second place followed by Myra Too after losing time as the wind faded at the mark, then Britannia, Yendys and Scot.   Unfortunately for Australia their race terminated with a fill-up on the beat off Bradley’s Head.

The Mistake had a fast run down to Shark Island to catch and then pass Tangalooma and then executed a good gybe to lead the way for the final run to the finish with Myra Too now pressing hard in 2nd place.   The Mistake held on to win by 8 seconds from Myra Too, then Tangalooma, Britannia (with ringtail), Yendys and Scot.

With thanks to our on-water support team of Barley, Russell, Roy, Peter, Adrienne, Chuck, Bill, Janis and Bill; post-race support from Ross and Coral and the rest of our tireless volunteers, along with the dedicated team at Rosman Ferries.  Also, thanks to Bob for sweeping out the boat shed with assistance from Ross – N.B. the boat shed is an important resource and as such all who benefit from it should take responsibility to keep it in good order.   We look forward to seeing you down at the Squaddie next week.