Race 5 of the 2017-18 Season and Heat Five of the Spring Point Score.  Cold and wet conditions were the order of the day with the wind from the south.  Six skiffs were on hand to race, with the Yendys team being short on numbers making an early call to put the boat back in the shed and disperse their crew among the other skiffs.   Most skiffs rigged for medium to light conditions with the southerly expected to lighten off as the day progressed.   Meanwhile, out in McDougall Street, the tourists were having a great time dodging cars to take photos of the jacaranda trees in full bloom.

The race got underway from a handicap start in Athol Bight on the no.4 Southerly course.  The presence of two large tugs in Athol was an ominous sign that a large floating object would be expected to appear around Bradley’s Head any time soon.   Britannia was first away off 13 mins, then Tangalooma (11), Scot (10), The Mistake and Australia both off 6, finally Myra Too off 5 mins.

When the incoming ship appeared, Tangalooma and Scot were able to sail clear above its course, The Mistake and Australia were forced to make a long leg on starboard to take the ship’s stern, while Myra Too made a leg on port before tacking to clear the ship’s stern.

Britannia was first around Clark Island for the run to Chowder Bay, followed by Tangalooma, Scot, The Mistake, Myra Too and Australia.   Britannia made good time down to Chowder Bay and was first to round the mark, then Tangalooma, The Mistake and Myra Too (side by side), Scot and Australia.   The beat up to Shark Island was an interesting contest with very little harbour traffic allowing the skiffs to search out their optimal course.   Tangalooma took over the lead to be first around Shark Island for the long run back to Kurraba Point, followed by Britannia, The Mistake, Myra Too, Scot and Australia.

As the skiffs progressed back up-harbour against the run-out tide the breeze began to fade and go to the south-east.   Tangalooma extended their lead at Kurraba for the final beat up to Clark Island, then Britannia, Myra Too, The Mistake, Australia and Scot.    Tanaglooma managed the tricky conditions well on the beat to lead around Clark Island for the final run to the finish with Myra Too in second place followed by The Mistake, Britannia, Scot and Australia.   The final run proved to be most interesting with Myra Too gaining on Tangalooma as they approached the finish, but it was Tangalooma’s day to take the gun and win by 9 secs from Myra Too, The Mistake, Britannia, Australia and Scot.

With thanks to our on-water support team of Barley, Stu, Russell, Roy, Peter, Adrienne, Bob (from Alruth), Chuck, Louise, Rob, Bill, Janis and Bill; post-race support from Ross and Coral and the rest of our tireless volunteers, along with the dedicated team at Rosman Ferries.  We look forward to seeing you down at the Squaddie next week.