Race 3 of the 2016-17 Season and Spring Point Score, but with some added significance in the form of a one day regatta to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the first race sailed under Mark Foy’s rules, on 24th October 1891.  Mark Foy was the founder and the first Commodore of the Sydney Flying Squadron and the sport of sailing is much the richer for his involvement and the revolutionary ideas he introduced.  The regatta took the format of 3 short races on a small triangle course bounded by Clarke Island, Shark Island and Taylor Bay, with a point score system applied to determine an overall result on the day – just as Foy envisaged back in 1891.

After some morning rain, conditions on the day were cool and overcast with a moderate to fresh breeze from the south. Proceedings got underway earlier than usual with a 1.20 pm start off the northern end of Clarke Island, for a handicap start on a downwind leg to a mark off Shark Island, then a run to Taylor Bay and finally a solid beat into the wind back to the start/finish line.   Skiff handicaps were adjusted to one third of their normal race handicap. There were 8 skiffs on hand to contest this event, but sadly mechanical issues prevented the use of the usual spectator ferry and without another available – an unfortunate and unforeseen situation that took the gloss off the day’s activities.

Race 3 – R1 – 22 Oct 2016 – Handicap Start – Short Course – South – 15-20 knots

Race 1, Tangalooma and Britannia were first away followed soon after by Scot, Alruth and The Mistake, then Australia, Australia IV, and Aberdare off scratch. There was plenty of wind for the first run, a hard shy run that had the skiffs steaming along at their best. (ED. Tangalooma was first around the mark but picked up half a palm tree wrapped around the center board. Slowed it down a tad…) The Scot and The Mistake caught the leaders, Alruth went in at the gybe, and on the run to Taylor Bay a large ship entering the port disadvantaged the back markers. Scot and The Mistake had a fine tussle up to the finish with Scot taking the win by just 2 secs, then Britannia, Aberdare, Australia IV, Tangalooma and Australia.

Skiff Skipper Race H’cap Start Time Finish Time Race Time H’cap Time
Scot J.Watt 0:04 13:16:00 13:46:21 0:30:21 0:26:21
The Mistake T. Stewart 0:04 3:16:00 13:46:23 0:30:23 0:26:23
Britannia I. Smith 0:05 13:15:00 13:47:08 0:32:08 0:27:08
Aberdare J. Winning 0:00 13:20:00 13:47:39 0:27:39 0:27:39
Australia IV D. Swales 0:02 13:18:00 13:47:56 0:31:56 0:31:56
Tangalooma P. Legrove  0:05  13:15:00  13:49:56  0:34:56  0:29:56
Australia  I. Pretty  0:02  13:18:00  13:53:05  0:35:05  0:33:05
Alruth  J. Tickner  0:04  13:16:00  DNF
Myra Too  P. Barnett  0:03  DNC
 Yendys  R. Killick  0:00  DNC

Race 3 – R2 – 22 Oct 2016 – Handicap Start – Short Course – South – 15-20 knots

Race 2, same start sequence as Race 1, 7 skiffs, with some skiffs opting for a better choice of extras now they were familiar with the downwind angles, and no shipping interference.  Australia had a swim at the gybe.   This race produced an extremely close finish, much to the surprise of stand-in PRO Dave Longworth (he didn’t realize old skiffs were capable of such close finishes), with placings going right down to the wire on the final approach to the finish mark.  Scot pushed through for her 2nd win, this time ahead of Australia IV who came in from the extreme left side to nudge out skiffs coming in from the right.

Skiff Skipper Race H’cap Start Time Finish Time Race Time H’cap Time
Scot J.Watt 0:04 14:01:00 14:30:11 0:29:11 0:25:11
Australia IV D. Swales 0:02 14:03:00 14:30:23 0:27:23 0:25:23
The Mistake T. Stewart 0:04 14:01:00 14:30:27 0:29:27 0:25:27
Aberdare J. Winning 0:00 14:05:00 14:30:43 0:25:43 0:25:43
Britannia I. Smith 0:05 14:00:00 14:30:54 0:30:54 0:25:54
Tangalooma P. Legrove  0:05 14:00:00 14:31:17 0:31:17 0:26:17
Australia  I. Pretty  0:02 14:03:00  DNF
Alruth  J. Tickner  0:04  DNC
Myra Too  P. Barnett  0:03  DNC
 Yendys  R. Killick  0:00  DNC

Race 3 – R3 – 22 Oct 2016 – Handicap Start – Short Course – South – 15-20 knots

Race 3, same start sequence, 6 skiffs, the breeze was a bit softer and slightly more to the left.   Tangalooma got their act together to hold the lead all the way but were pushed hard by The Mistake and Scot.   Britannia retired.   Australia IV kept their record in tack by not setting a spinnaker all day.  Aberdare broke their tiller on the last run, fortunately Woody was able to lash together a substitute option to maintain steerage and they carried on to a belated finish.


Skiff Skipper Race H’cap Start Time Finish Time Race Time H’cap Time
Tangalooma P. Legrove  0:05 14:36:00 15:04:54 0:28:54 0:23:54
The Mistake T. Stewart 0:04 14:37:00 15:05:16 0:28:16 0:24:16
Australia IV D. Swales 0:02 14:39:00 15:07:05 0:28:05 0:26:05
Aberdare J. Winning 0:00 14:41:00 15:11:38 0:30:38 0:30:38
Britannia I. Smith 0:05 14:00:00 DNF
Australia  I. Pretty  0:02 DNC
Alruth  J. Tickner  0:04  DNC
Myra Too  P. Barnett  0:03  DNC
 Yendys  R. Killick  0:00  DNC

A very consistent Scot won the day, from an equally consistent The Mistake, with Australia IV in 3rd place.    Tangalooma and Aberdare tied for 4th, with the tie-break going to Tangalooma, then Britannia, Australia and Alruth.    It was a good day of racing for the skippers and crews and it certainly sharpened up the crew work on some of the skiffs.   Mark Foy certainly knew his stuff; it would have been very entertaining to watch at close hand.   The overall result from today will be applied to the respective season point scores as is usual for a one day race, including handicap adjustments.

With thanks to our on-water support team of Chuck, Judy, Russell, Peter, Adrienne, Stu, David, Felix, Chris and David, and the rest of our tireless volunteers on the support craft.    We look forward to seeing you down at the Squaddie, next week.

Overall result, 125th SFS Anniversary Regatta, 22nd October 2016

Skiff Skipper Pre-Regatta
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3
 Scot  J. Watt :12 1 1 3 5 1 10
The Mistake  T. Stewart 11 2 3 2 7 2 10
Australia IV  D. Swales 7 5 2 4 11  3  7
 Tangalooma  P. Legrove 13 6 6 1 13 4 13
Aberdare  J. Winning 0 4 4 5 13 5 0
Britannia  I. Smith 14 3 5 9 17 6 14
Australia  I. Pretty 6 7 9 9 25 7 6
Alruth  J. Tickner 12  9  9  9 27 8 12
Myra Too  P. Barnett 8 8
Yendys  R. Killick 2 2
Skiff Season
Point Score
Point Score
Aberdare 2 2
Alruth 7 7
Australia 3 3
 Australia IV  5 5
 Britannia  3  3
 Myra Too  0  0
 Scot  8 8
 Tangalooma  9 9
 The Mistake  8 8
 Yendys 4 4