Unfortunately, Race 1, set down for the previous Saturday was cancelled due to adverse weather – hence no report for last week.

Race 2 of the 2016-17 Season and Heat 2 of the Spring Point Score.  Sailors and supporters were greeted to a warm spring day, clear skies and the prospect of a steady gradient breeze from the NE.  Today would be the first outing this season for most skiffs – some with new (and untested) crew combinations, others after the completion of substantial maintenance work, and some possibly in need of more preparation?  8 skiffs were on hand, some rigged conservatively in expectation the breeze may freshen, while others were a bit more optimistic and carried full size no.2 rigs.

The race started off Double Bay on the No.1 NE Course with a handicap start and the tide running out. The breeze freshened substantially in the period from when the skiffs departed Careening Cove and the start of the race.  Some skiffs were late for their start and some found they were now over canvassed for the conditions. Tangalooma was first away, comfortably rigged and well managed to sail away to a clear lead while Britannia was struggling under too much sail.  Alruth was next skiff away, managing the conditions comfortably, and then Scot, followed by The Mistake under conservative rig, then Australia, Yendys and Australia IV.

Tangalooma running downwind

The freshening breeze combined with the strong run-out tide made for a steep and difficult seaway for the long beat down to the Beashel Buoy.  Britannia was struggling and then forced to retire early in the race before their situation became too perilous, she was soon followed by Australia and Australia IV with similar issues – all made it back to the club without further problems.

Meanwhile Tangalooma sailed away to a clear lead that she held all the way to the finish.  Alruth held on to 2nd place comfortably throughout the race.   Yendys moved up to finish in 3rd place and take fastest time. The Mistake played it safe coming in 4th while Scot also sailed safe to complete the course in 5th place. Well done to all crews on a very testing day, apparently the wind chill was quite noticeable and the pumps were constantly in use.

With thanks to our on-water support team of Chuck, Stu, Ian, Brian, Peter, Adrienne, David, Naveen, Russell, Louise, Felix, Bill and the rest of our tireless volunteers on the support craft, along with the dedicated team at Rosman Ferries.  We look forward to seeing you down at the Squaddie, next week.

Race 2 – 15 Oct 2016 –  Handicap Start – #1 Course – NE 15-20 knots

Skiff Skipper Race
Tangalooma P. Legrove 0:15 14:15:00 15:54:42 1:39:42 1:24:42 13
Alruth J. Tickner 0:13 14:17:00 16:00:06 1:43:06 1:30:06 12
Yendys R. Killick 0:02 14:28:00 16:03:09 1:35:09 1:33:09 2
 The Mistake  T. Stewart  0:11  14:19:00  16:07:30  1:48:30  1:37:30  11
 Scot  J. Watt  0:12 14:18:00 16:23:43 2:05:43 1:53:43 12
 Britannia  I. Smith  0:14 14:16:00 DNF 14
 Australia  I. Pretty  0:06  14:24:00  DNF  6
 Australia IV  D. Swales  0:00  14:30:00  DNF  7*
 Myra Too  P. Barnett  0:08  DNC 8
 Aberdare  J. Winning  0:00 DNC  0
 M V Regal II  F.M.R.  14:0:0  DNF
  • Note: H’cap adjustment applied by Sailing Committee to Australia IV, now being campaigned by “Team Top Weight”.

Results for 15th October 2016

Skiff Season
Point Score
Point Score
Aberdare 0 0
Alruth 5 5
Australia 0 0
Australia IV 0 0
Britannia 0 0
Myra Too 0 0
Scot 2 2
Tangalooma 6 6
The Mistake 3 3
Yendys 4 4